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Pennsylvania’s state parks contain over 1,400 miles of trails.

State forests contain over 950 miles of hiking only trails, over 4,000 miles of shared use (non-motorized) trails, and over 1,500 miles of motorized trails (snowmobiles and ATV).


These trails need regular maintenance to contain vegetation, manage erosion and wear damage, and to redirect poorly located trails.

Additionally, social trails—those not designated by park and forest management—need to be closed and damages repaired. While volunteers can provide some assistance, maintenance assessments and plans, as well as materials for repair, require regular investments. Trails also require bridges, culverts, and trail heads, which may be paved or unpaved, have a restroom, and signage.


Did you know that parks alone contain over 30,000 picnic tables?

Other recreational amenities include pools and playgrounds, ball fields, disc golf, pavilions, playgrounds, picnic areas, ski areas, marinas, and more.


1,400 mi.

of trails are found in Pennsylvania state parks

4,000 mi.

of trails for various purposes can be found in our state forests


picnic tables can be found in state parks alone

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