Nolde Forest Needs Nearly $1 Million

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Nolde Forest Needs Nearly $1 Million


A “dirty underbelly” tour of Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center held Wednesday revealed a men’s pit toilet in need of a door, a washed-out bridge awaiting lumber for repair and the too-small Sawmill Parking Area, ripe for expansion and in need of lighting.

Also on the to-do list: eradicate invasive plants, a bum drinking water pump, trails that need attention from erosion, and a bathroom at Sawmill parking lot that park manager Brent Erb would like to keep open in the winter. It needs propane tanks so the pipes don’t freeze. Also, there are groups of spotted lanternflies nibbling on some of the trees.

Nolde Forest needs nearly $1 million, supporters of the Berks park say during tour, 9/5/19: Reading Eagle

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Nolde Forest Needs Nearly $1 Million