Local Parks’ Needs Priced at $19 Million

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Local Parks’ Needs Priced at $19 Million


McConnells Mill and Moraine State parks are in need of over $19 million in infrastructure improvements.

That point was emphasized this week when Marci Mowery, president of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation, led a tour of Moraine in Butler County.

In a January report, the foundation said that Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests need a $29.1 billion investment to preserve the infrastructure within the natural resources.

Moraine, according to the report, requires $18 million of improvements while the tab for McConnells Mill was set at $1.2 million.

The two parks attract 1.3 million and 453,213 visitors, respectively, each year, according to the report, and provide a combined annual economic impact of over $20 million.


Local parks’ needs priced at $19 million. New Castle News, 8/19/2019.

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Local Parks’ Needs Priced at $19 Million